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Nixon's 6th Birthday: Ghostbusters Theme

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm very similar to Monica in Friends. I'm ALWAYS the hostess. Parties making me happy, and decorating for parties is a bit of an art form for me.

You also know that I'm an incredibly busy working mom who is in the middle of The Year of The Poor, so how do you throw a party for your son in the most cost effective way that is still adorable? Well my friends, use stuff from all over your house.

Fortunately for me, Nixon wanted a Ghostbuster Themed party, and we have a ton of Ghostbuster things laying around.

I created the invites myself and mailed them out to his 4 best friends. It was a small but intimate party, but lets be honest...five 6-year olds in my house is four too many! Wow are they loud and rambunctious!

I started laying the groundwork by searching the house for things we had on-hand. Ghostbuster lego car, action figures, Hot Wheels and artwork all fit the bill. I scoured Pinterest for free printables and images. I also printed out …

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